from left to right;
Dry martini glas
Coupe glas "frozen cocktails"
Champagne coupe
Champagne flute
Highball glas
Collins glas
Old Fasioned glas
Shot glas
Boreaux glas
Sour glas
The traditional cocktail glass, the                           finds its origin during the Prohibition. During that time alcohol was drunk neat and from shot glasses. Through the creativity of the bar tenders in those days, a new glass developed, which, because of its high stem and its elegant presence, it did not indicate the use of alcohol. Another added bonus was, that by holding the glass by the stem,
the cocktail did not get warm, which was beneficial to the taste.
"Dry-Martini glas"
In the"Dry-Martini glas"traditional cocktail bar the use of glasses was tied to very strict rules. Much more  stricter than now. With the near disappearance of the classical cocktails, like the Dry Martini or the Manhattan, the use of the typical glasses used for these, got less and less important.
The use of glasses is one of the many aspects of mixology on which a fanatic bartender can dedicate himself to. Realise that the purchase of the right glasses can be and should be a good investment. Where the function of glasses is relatively limited in a restaurant, in a cocktail bar, however, this function can be used in a far more creative way. Bordeaux wine glasses, Champagne coupes and very large Cognac glasses can be put to good use without a problem. Glasses are like the calling card of a self respecting mixologist. You can shake a cocktail really well, but if it is served in a glass which does not match the character of the cocktail or the long drink, then the final result will be disappointing.
                          One can find creative glasses in holiday brochures, highly decorated, designed from the tulip model that looks very becoming in a setting of white beaches and palm trees. A couple of years ago it was very hard to get hold of these sort of glasses, but nowadays, it is relatively easy. If you are in a department store and you look around with a creative eye, quite often you will come out with some exciting finds! And with a treasure of cheap glasses, for not too much money, even an
elegant beer glass on a nice stem can be eye catching!
Creative Glasses
One of my favourite glass brands is           , imported from America. It is very powerful in structure but it is at the same time very erotically shaped. (Especially the model                 ) Really the Rolls Roys amongst glasses. They are not cheap but you get what you pay for. Very often, you will find very beautifully created glasses in cocktail books. Usually these are made especially by a glass studio, with only one thing in mind: the photograph. Often these glasses are pure crystal and too delicate to work with in a cocktail bar.

One very important tip: Using straws in a coupe or a dry martini glass is not allowed.

It goes without saying that glasses need to be cleaned in hot water because the drinks served in them are of a high sugar content.
So never leave dirty glasses till the morning after.