This is one of the most commonly quoted phrases at the bar, thanks to the author, Ian Flemming, who created arguable the most publicised character. Agent 007, James Bond of Her Majesty's Secret Service. It is Bond who customarily orders the "dry martini", in this fashion.
But what is really meant by this?
With cocktail preparations, there are several techniques which can be adopted. Essentially, one would be able to make use of the following four categories.
There is the simple way of executing this, and that is to merely stir the drink, after having poured it over the ice-blocks. This would work, but there is of course the more showy, and appealing way to do this. Make use of an attractive pourer (the glass section of the bostonshaker will do nicely), fill the glass to half capacity with ice.
Now take the long and elegant bar-spoon in hand, to stylishly stir the drink. stirNever make the mistake of covering the top of the pourer, or glass with your free hand, and always leave the glass on the bar counter itself. Once this is done, use the strainer to pour out the                
This would actually be the most popular preparation methods, making use of a strong shaking-motion to create a homogenous, and ice-cold mixture. In generally, while making use of this style at not be used, but rather the boston shaker. This is shaking-motionboston shaker way of telling the difference between a professional bartender, and the like of the selfaught.
ice-water. Now you will have a well-chilled glass for the preparation of the drink. Step two, whice is similar to the first, is to now pourthe alcohol into the pourer/blass over ice. This is how a beautifully is served. The most popular of this style would be the dry-martini. These stirred cocktail are categorised as the pre-dinners.
The true bartender is meticulous when it comes to the correct use of equipment. There are a few quidelines when making use of the boston-shaker. It is important that the ingredients be placed into the glass portion of the shaker first, then place the metal portion over this securely. Now start the shake. There is usually some concern that the two halves will not separate again after use, but this is alleviated by a sharp tap on the side of the shaker. Through a little practice, this process becomes fluid motion, and obviously, somewhat easier. Now make use of the metal portion for the function of pouring the drink.
The drinks are all-day drinks.
Due to the ease of handling, this shaker is preferable to the amateur bartender. Although the above applies, it is still recommended that the following tips be made use of. The lid and cap should not be placed in unison over the top of the jar portion of the shaker, this will allow for the possibility of the cap, or lid be forced off while preparing a drink.
There is occasionally a pressure buildup inside the shaker. One might also experience that certain, sudden temperature change cause difficulty in the removal of the lid from the jar, but do not panic, it will separate. Another tip would be not to allow the shaker to stand fully assembled while not in use, this will cause the stagnation of air, it looks great, but the drinks don't taste great. This shaker (also aptly named cream-shaker), is used mainly for the preparation of dairybased cocktails, which are referred to as after-Dinner drinks.
The technique whereby the drinks are mixed together in the easiest manner, is called build. This is quite simply the mixing of the drink in the glass in which it will be served. It would serve to say that the drink is build or layered into the glass. During the mixing of the drinks the easiest thing to remember would be that the most expensive drinks be added last. There after everything schould be stirred with the barspoon.
These drinks are prepared by simply using the electric blender, and mainly consist of the Tropical cocktails, and to achieve the correct consistency. The blender allows for easy of use when making the frozen drinks. Fresh fruit can also be added to these drinks for the flavouring. Remember that the longer a frozen cocktail is left in the active blender, the more pleasing the frozen look will be.