Peet Warmerdam was born 30 maart 1958 in a small town Hillegom, a town in the bollenstreek, a region of tulip farmland in Holland. He is the second son of a family of tradesmen, with three younger sisters. His father was a particulary hard working plumber, who worked trough the days and nights to secure an income for the family.
Due to the family's creative and intuitive backgrounds, his father used to create solutions
for all the technical problems he wold encounter. Peet didn't wish to remain at school,
but prefered to join his father and help him where he could. It is due to this decision that Peet
entered into the work-place, and this without a diploma! he had a rebellious character,
but with exceptional creativty and perseverance.
Sisters Warmerdam
After a good deal of procrastination, 12 jobs and 13 accidents, he found himself, as many have-behind the bar, and this job in the famous Red Light district of dark Amsterdam. Here he learned how to deal with the variety of people that come together in one place, and the importance of fulfilling the wants and needs of his bar-guests, as well as anticipating these needs.
Thourght all these experiences you develop the ability to establish a guest's character, at a singel glance.
After a few years of experience in the standard café & pub life-style, I obtained my first job in one of the 5 ***** hotels of Amsterdam the Holiday Inn Crown plaza City Center, and here learned the skill and pleasure of cocktails, and the making there of.
My next wish was to became a member of the                                             , and in doing so, it would allow me to come into contact with my colleagues in the field, and thus allow for
cocktail and long drinks competitions, where by I
could express my creativity, and also measure my
abilities against those of other bartenders of The
Netherlands, and this with the following results;
After having spent several achieving high scores,
my big break-through happended in 1995.
It's never happended in the history of 50 years N.B.C.
that a member won the title four time's in a line
Eindhoven  Longdrink winner 1995
Amsterdam  Longdrink winner 1996
Heiloo Cocktail winner 1997
Amsterdam Longdrink winer 1998
During the first success of 1995, a co-operation with, Royal Distillers De Kuyper that celebrating his 300-year existence, through a new range of " modern" liqueurs being launched, was established. I thus became the "flying global ambassador" for Royal Distillers De Kuyper. Through the method of workshops, and demonstrations, we wanted to enlighten the bartenders of the world as to the possibilities, and what could be created from these fantastic liqueurs. This was how became a simple bartender a