A lot has been said and written about the birth of the cocktail a lot of it is rubbish, but you can find many anecdotes in the library.
As far back in history as 2000 years the first mix drinks were made. The ancient Greeks and Romans added taste accents to their drinks. Beer and wine were the only available beverages at this time, often of inferior quality. The wine from this period is a sour concoction not to be compared with the today's wines.                                  is attributed with the combination of honey and herps with wine. The well-known Gluhwein, is a mixdrink which we still enjoy today especially during our ski vacations. In the coarse of time many anecdotes have arisen, for example the story about the discoverer who found a tribe of natives stirring their brew in gourds with the feathers of a cocks'tail. There are many such tales to amuse your guests.

The first story about the cocktail to be found written down is the story of                         The author                                                  (writer of The Last of The Monicanes) wrote his book "The Spy" in 1821. This story is set in 1780 during the American civil war, Betsy ran the "Four Corners/Elmsford (Wetchester)" inn.
Her customers included a motlev collection of soldiers, amongst them officers from                                 army and French volunteers under the French general             . For her customers Betsy bred her own chickens and brewed her own alcoholic drink based on rum called              (little is known of its actual composition but we do know that Betsy liked to use mint, and a lot of it.

Her neighbour (an ardent supporter of the English King George) was a poultry farmer who specialised
in the breeding of young cocks which were famous in the district for theire superior quality. On day
out of jealousy, patriotism and spite Betsy stole several of her hated neighbours'cocks and prerared
them for her soldiers customers. Betsy ever the true hostess surprised her customers with large
dishes of drumsticks and bottles of BRACERS, enthusiastically decorated with brightly coloured
cock's feathers, freshly plucked that afternoon. Halfway trough the evening one of the inebriated
French soldiers stood up to thank Betsy for her fantastic culinary feast and under the influence of
the large amounts of drink uttered the immortal words                            , referring not only to a
mixture of different drinks but a mixture of languages.
James Fenimore Cooper
General Washington
''Viva Le...Cocktail"
The break-through of the modern day cocktail is ironically enough thanks to the American woman, for political reasons the woman gained the right to vote, which resulted in the prohibition of consumptie and production of alcohol.                                    a complete ban on alcohol was the result.
Against the backdrop of hidden borders, police checks and political pressure the supply of alcohol grew les and les. Since forbidden fruits are the nicest and man is very inventive, the Americans started to still alcohol illegally amongst them a brew based on corn was very popular called                     , because the activities took place at night under the light of the moon. Organised crime also saw an opportunity to make lots of money, think of                  and his rival no.1 police-sleuth                   . Smuggling - Gin from England, Rum from the Caribbean was also a mayor issue, although this contraband was often of inferior quality. This drink was available in illegal clubs along with woman and gambling , the                      furnished with massive front doors and quick gataway out the back door. The bartenders in these clubs made history; a new type og glass was invented, it was customary to serve drinks neat and in a small shotglass. By serving the drink in a elegant coupe-glass it was less obvious that alcohol was being
"Moon Shines"
consumed, the cocktail glass was born, now better now as the                        .To camouflage the poor quality of the alcohol different ingredients available at this time were added.                   (For example a dash of dry vermouth to the gin.) We may assume that the classic cocktail consists of a strong basis                       (gin, whisky, or rum) with additions./additives. Suddenly the bartenders is favourite, for the twinkeling of a eye can change                often undrinkable brews into fruity, fanciful, colourful drinks, colourful as a cock's tail ! In 1929 so well before the end of                     Prohibition there were over 120 cocktails were known all over the continent.                                                                                  During the second world war cocktails were introduced in Europe due to the GI's stationed there. The cocktail has defintely arrived.
Elliot Ness
Dry Martini glas
Another anecdote I don't want to deprive you of the Dry-Martini, which gained fame due to Mr.James Bond who regulary ordered a Dry-Martini                                , whereas this cocktail is meant to be stirred. In"On Her Majesties Secret Service" we see that careful thought has been given to this request. James Bond enters a nightclub and orders his favourite
cocktail "shaken not stirred", enter two KGB agents who with a knowing smile order a
Dry-Martini the correct way -(stirred). After another two rounds Bond leaves the night club
non worse for wear, but the two KGB agents are too highly intoxicated to reach the exit.
When a cocktail is shaken the ice cubes melt faster releasing larger amounts of water
than when it is stirred, hence James Bond wins every confrontation.    
Betsy Flangan
Al Capone

Prohibition (1920-1933)